Take charge of your pregnancy, have an empowered birth and step confidently into parenthood!


A 12 month holistic, immersive program for pregnant folks who want to experience a conscientious and connected pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood. Who want to learn to thrive in body, mind and spirit and not only feel prepared and informed every step of the way...but loved, supported and guided throughout!

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Pregnant and don't know where to start? Join us on a journey of a lifetime!


We empower pregnant women and birthing people through pregnancy, birth and right on into the postpartum - to successfully navigate the maternity healthcare system, nourish their bodies, their babies and their authentic selves to take charge of the experience, help prevent complications, stay comfortable and have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy and birth possible! 

 🌺 With comprehensive, holistic, education -  consistent, loving support, time and attention - continuous, expert guidance - that's exactly what we do!

We don't just educate, we mentor you all along the way with midwife-led, weekly group connective zoom calls to keep you on track, giving you the support and guidance you need to grow in confidence throughout the process ~ so you 'birth yourself into being while birthing your baby' ~ ready to face the challenges of being a parent.


We work with you from early pregnancy, through birth and on into the postpartum so you are never alone

Mentoring you through your entire Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond so you can Thrive throughout the process and have an empowered experience! 

Do you want to take charge of your pregnancy and birth experience but don't know where to start?

Thriving through Pregnancy will clearly navigate you through what can often be an overwhelming and confusing time.  We provide timely and relevant teachings to help you grow healthier, more confident and settled into your pregnancy and birth while preparing to rock the 4th trimester (postpartum)!

We help you find clarity amidst all the choices, uncover what kind of pregnancy and birth experience you desire and then give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve it!

First off and most importantly:


We meet weekly on zoom for 60-90 minutes in a small group of other dedicated pregnant folks. 

  • This is a living workshop where we explore all things that come up during pregnancy and how to support the physiological process. 
  • Following each meeting, I will create lessons based on what is relevant to the group and send those out. 
  • This is where we explore topics, and get the vital (and currently relevant) information and more importantly, the actions required to take it to the next level for you!  This is what keeps the lessons manageable, doable and NOT overwhelming. 

Teachings include supporting your body, your baby, your heart, your mind and your journey through the maternity healthcare system!

  • optimal nutrition
  • essential movements for the stage of pregnancy you are in
  • optimal fetal positioning
  • pregnancy mindset, sleep, stress reduction
  • relationships, communication community building and so much more
  • navigating the maternity healthcare system - choices in childbirth so you feel informed and capable
  • preparing for an ecstatic birth and a smooth transition into parenthood
  • Healing from the postpartum, lactation, newborn care and falling in love with the parent that you are, the parent you have always aspired to be!

Facebook group provides community and is also were we host weekly Q&A's so you always have the answers you need to keep moving forward :)

This holistic program brings the midwifery model of care to you, no matter who your medical provider is, ensuring you get all the information, explore all the choices, all the tools, and develop all the skills possible with our support.

Ideally, we begin our journey together in early pregnancy but it remains open to all, and extends 4 months into the postpartum.   

Our well thought out program supports you through the entirety of you pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience!


~ Your pregnancy home away from home ~


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Anything is possible when you have professional guidance and support!

Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy & Baby

What IS healthy nutrition anyway?
Not getting the information you need?

You're not alone! Many women are given very little information on what healthy nutrition is from their care providers and are left piecing it together on their own - with information as well as misinformation - from the internet, friends and family. Most doctors have either no or one semester's worth of training in nutrition yet...it is the most potent medicine for the body! 

We begin with fundamental principles in nutrition then expand on specifics for pregnancy. Not only do we explore macronutrient and micronutrients but provide charts, checklists, ideas, meal plans and recipes to put it into practice.

Food logs are filled out at the beginning of the program to help illuminate dietary gaps so detailed plans can be created. Then again, in the middle and at the end to measure your progress. Peer and professional support provided to help you achieve your individual goals.

Essential pregnancy supplements are reviewed as well as how to supplement with superfoods and herbs. Establishing a healthy microbiome for you and baby as well as strategies to improve digestion and Finally, we explore how to prevent gestational diabetes with diet, exercise, stress reduction and mindset practices. 

We also explore safe food handling practices and dive into what the research actual says about what is safe or unsafe during pregnancy. 

The lessons learned can be applied for lifelong health!


Come explore healthy pregnancy nutrition, put it to practice and make the positive impact in your and your baby's health!

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1 on 1 Pregnancy & Postpartum Consultations

Do you wish your care provider would spend the time it takes to really listen to your needs?

The hurried maternity healthcare system doesn't allow time for your provider to work with you and co-create your pregnancy and birth care plans. We fill in the gaps of care your provider wished they had the time to do :)

That is where we come in! We set aside 1 -1 1/2 hours to really get to know and understand you.

We work with you to clarify your pregnancy and birth goals. If you need help figuring out what those are and what your options are, we'll help with that too! All questions are welcomed and will be answered in a way you can understand so you can make informed decisions. 

Then we co-create a detailed, step by step plan to help you achieve those goals.

We focus on the Four Pillars of Pregnancy (Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Navigating the system) but tailor that focus to your specific needs.

With that said, individual counseling will be different for each person. Relevant handouts and resources also provided along with a printed pregnancy, birth or postpartum plan outlining the strategies discussed in the consultation. These plans are put together following the consultation and emailed to you within 1-3 days. 

"Avril is very generous with her time and resources and is a wealth of information. Not only that, but she has the ability to explain things in a way you can understand, has a solution to everything and if she doesn't know something, she figures it out!"


Together, we will co-create pregnancy, birth and postpartum plans tailored to you and reflective of your needs. 


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A Concise yet Detailed Guide

Learn the active steps in growing a healthy baby and enjoying a healthy pregnancy with whole / real foods.

Nutrition is quite literally the foundation of health and this foundation is built during pregnancy. Decisions made today, not only have the power to impact baby's development during pregnancy but it's future health as well! 

Use these 5 simple yet powerful strategies to begin (right now) making daily improvements that add up to massive impacts over time. 

A LOT can be accomplished in just 9 months to get set up for lifelong health! But there is no time to delay :)

So take this guide, put it to work, reach out for support and have a happy and healthy pregnancy! 

Discover How to Prevent Pregnancy Complications and Maximize Baby's Development

(that won't be taught at prenatal visits) and can be done without confusion, stress or conflict while enjoying fabulous foods!

Interested in  alleviating common pregnancy discomforts naturally?

I've created a library of pregnancy guides for you!

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Urinary tract health and infections
  • Constipation
  • Varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • Maintaining healthy iron levels
  • Important questions to ask your provider

Many more available. Let me know what you need!

Just email me with your request at [email protected] 


the Midwife Method is committed to changing the maternity health care system by empowering individuals with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to not only take on the awe inspiring role as the primary care provider for their baby (yep, that's YOU! - only you can create a nourishing environment for your baby to develop in), but to Thrive through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. 

👊 One person, one voice at a time, over time, is what it takes to shift the maternity healthcare system from one that dominates, controls and even interrupts the natural processes unfolding to one that supports the normal physiology of pregnancy and birth, allows for individualized care and incorporates patient preferences into that care while also celebrating the birth and coming of a new babe. 

Just as pregnancy and birth are a process, it is a process to change the maternity health care system, but history has demonstrated over and over again, that it does responds to the demands of individual women and birthing people, over time, and it take time and perseverence.

We will continue to bring all the elements of midwifery care that can be delivered online (not to replace the medical care people receive in their home communities, but to complement it), to women around the world until there are enough midwives trained for every single woman

Come learn with us and not only enjoy a pregnancy seeped with knowledge, wisdom and support
but intentionally add your voice to the future of maternity care :)

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Now let's get specific.

When we say "empower," we don't mean that as a catch-all, vague term that indicates our good intentions. We will empower you to take charge of your pregnancy with consistent and expert guidance, holistic and comprehensive education and compassionate, loving support.  Those are the three foundations of the Midwife Method that drive the living structure of all its programs. We consistently and methodically provide the knowledge, skills and tools you need to succeed and help you put them into action into your life!


Exactly how do we do all this?

Good question. Our Midwife-led, mother-centered, engaging educational online program is designed to enrich, compliment and complete the medical healthcare you receive in your home community. By providing the essential elements of midwifery care (delivered in an accessible, online setting), to every parent with a smartphone or computer, we increase access to the power of the midwifery model of care and improve outcomes for mothers and babies. 

On average, most women receive approximately 10-15 minutes of care in a prenatal visit and believe me, there is so much more you need to know that can not possibly be reviewed, let alone explored, in that small window. That's where we come in.

Thriving through Pregnancy

Midwifery as Changemaking.


As a midwife, educator, herbalist, alternative practitioner, advocate and nurse, I have consciously developed a path to helping women and families thrive in all settings. After 17+ years of serving as a Midwife, I founded the Midwife Method to change the maternity healthcare system from the inside out. Cultivating change in one woman at a time, one midwife at a time so that the system itself shifts to serve the needs of pregnant / birthing people and families, and truly promote optimal birthing practices in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for women and birth professionals alike.


Come be a part of the pregnancy revolution!


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