Thriving through Pregnancy

Group Prenatal Experience + Online Education + Private Facebook Group + Weekly Q&As

 equals the most comprehensive, transformational pregnancy experience possible so you can have the healthiest, happiest and most empowered pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood!

Ready to Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime?

Greetings! Avril here...the founder and creatrix of Thriving through Pregnancy!

Have you ever actually asked yourself what you want out of your pregnancy and birth experiences? Of course, the majority of women and pregnant people will say a healthy baby and a safe passage through pregnancy and birth...BUT, do you know how to do that? Does your care provider actually teach you how to do that? Are they providing YOU with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to participate fully in your own care and ensure that you have the very best chance to actualize your vision and more?

I invite you to imagine a group of inspired and inspiring women and people all working together towards an empowered pregnancy and birth experience. Fully, completely and consistently supported and guided through the often overwhelming and unknown process of pregnancy, birth and parenting. It's a beautiful and very real experience!


Too many people do not have access to the information, skills, and tools they need to achieve their pregnancy, birth and parenting goals and visions. Too many people don't even know what is missing in their standard prenatal care :)

Instead, folks find themselves swept away into the system and are left wondering what they could have done differently!

We don't want that for you! We want you to KNOW in your body, heart and mind that you can indeed make the right decisions for yourself and your baby, now and in the future! We believe in your ability to adjust your lifestyle to support the demands of pregnancy. We know you can adapt to the rapid changes pregnancy brings to every aspect of your life and being, and through that adaptation you can transform into a confident, vibrant parent in the process! 

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The average care provider spends approximately 10-15 minutes with their patients and we couldn't possibly provide effective teaching in that time frame OR provide holistic and meaningful care during the most intimate process you will likely ever experience! 

That is why I created Thriving through Pregnancy where we recognize that each individual's journey is unique and we create the time and space to educate folks on what exactly they need to do to help prevent pregnancy complications, grow a healthy baby and have an empowered experience within the maternity health care system. 

And we take it a step further...we provide real guidance and support (like 30+ hours) throughout the process so you are never left wondering if your doing things right, so you can deepened your relationships, enhance the normal physiology of pregnancy and birth and embrace the ever unfolding process!

We teach you how to take care of your body, your mind, and your baby and to prepare for a physiologic birth and smooth transition into parenthood!

You don't have any time to spare!

And I say that with all the love and care in the world. Pregnancy goes by fast and each and every day, you have the opportunity to learn, to grow, to let go, to embrace, to develop yourself and prepare for each step along the way.

Come join us with our next start date is July 13th. Together, we can make this pregnancy the best it can be!

Yes!! I am ready to Start! (July 13th Cohort) Enrollment with a sliding scale :)

There are Four Components to Thriving through Pregnancy which make it so effective, comprehensive and unique. 

(1) The Group Prenatal Deepening into Pregnancy Experience


Midwife-led and facilitated group prenatals provide participants with a consistent time to meet and explore the full breadth and depth of the pregnancy process. These groups form a core and shared experience where guidance and support are found consistently throughout the process of pregnancy, birthing and the transition into parenthood. 

We meet twice a month, for about 1- 1 1/2 hours, and dig into each individual's real-lived experience while providing the necessary space for learning, growing, building trust and confidence in yourself and the process. Clarity is found and insights are gained while receiving individualized guidance along with the precious and invaluable support from others who are sharing in the collective journey. 

Over time, a beautiful and unique space develops with a consistent group allowing for deep and meaningful sharing, personal growth, the development of friendships and preparation for birth and the transition into parenting.

Don't we all crave community and a sense of belonging? In this group we get to be ourselves. Talk about fears, insecurities, challenges and triumphs. Everything is possible in this group space, all are welcome and all experiences are seen, heard, and validated.

This space provides participants with the opportunity to discuss what they are learning in the education portion of Thriving through Pregnancy, find solutions to problems, and gain clarity. The educational program, facebook group and Q&A's all compliment and support what is discussed and explored but the transformation and personal growth attainable with a focussed and cohesive group is extraordinarily nourishing, in real time, sharing with real people in a zoom format. along with  continuity of care required to grow, develop trust, create friendships, gain insights, access individualized guidance and fully experience the process with other like minded pregnant women and people who are fully committed to having the healthiest, happiest and most empowering experience possible. 

We keep the process relevant for each participant, share deeply, learn, find solutions and expand into the fullness of all that pregnancy, birth and parenting have to offer!

Can't wait to Start! (July 13th Cohort)

(2) Comprehensive Education

Not getting enough information from your provider?

We've got you covered with 9 months of action oriented, essential education (on literally everything you could think of and more), delivered in weekly and monthly modules. 

Designed to compliment the medical care you are receiving in your home community with the necessary information, tools and skills you need to succeed throughout pregnancy, birth, lactation and early parenting!

You are the primary care provider for your baby, only you can create an optimal pregnancy environment to help prevent complications and grow a healthy baby, by supporting the normal physiological processes already in motion.

This is exactly what we teach you to do! 

Four Pillars of Pregnancy

  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Essential Movements 
  • Positive Pregnancy Mindset
  • Navigating the Maternity Health Care System

Plus ~ preparing for labor and birth, lactation and early parenting! 

(3) Weekly Q&A

Do you sometimes leave your prenatal appointment with more questions than answers?

We've got you covered with our weekly Q&A's so you longer need to wait a month to get your questions answered :)

The Q&A's happen in the private facebook group on a weekly basis. 

There are always a million questions during pregnancy...

Am I doing this right? Am I eating right? What exercises can I participate in? My back hurts, what can I do? My provider said x,y,z...what can I do?

Essentially, we don't want you to have to wait until your next prenatal to get the answers you need and we also don't want you going too far down the Dr. Google rabbit hole! 

The day before the scheduled Q&A, you have the opportunity to submit your questions. We will answer them in the order received on a live call that folks can join.

The call will then be posted in the facebook group where all members can benefit from the answers...because you know what?

Everyone is on the same journey and will gain insight from other's inquiries.  

(4) Private Facebook Group

Don't we all seek and crave a community to belong to?

That's why we created this space! It provides a community of like-minded folks all sharing their unique but similar pregnancy journeys.

The facebook group is a place to ask questions and find answers. It is a place to share journal entries with other's enrolled in Thriving through Pregnancy.

It is a space to vent, to celebrate, to cheer each other on, to encourage, to brainstorm and exchange ideas and to nourish each other's process and experience. 

Everyone participates in their own way but essentially, it is your space to connect with myself and others. Gain feedback, support, guidance and a group collective.

Of course, the more that people participate and share, the more alive the community becomes. When we are courageous and open up, others do the same and everyone benefits!

What maternity and baby products are folks using? What works, what doesn't work. 

Where to find community resources and so much more!


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Tired of feeling overwhelmed, unsure of yourself, or at odds with the fear and anxiety that birth in our culture is infused with?

There is another way...

We don't just educate, although we do a very thorough job of this, we inspire transformation and ignite a woman's inner spark to take charge of the experience! We facilitate massive self-growth through pregnancy and birth so women and birthing people feel empowered to step into their new role as a parent! 

~ This means getting super clear on what your pregnancy, birth and parenting goals are, developing an action plan to get you to where you want to be and learning to navigate the current maternity health care system by using your voice to get your needs met and preferences honored. 

I know you can feel calm, strong and confident, and filled with a radical belief in your own capabilities.


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the Midwife Method is committed to changing the maternity health care system by empowering individuals with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to not only take on the awe inspiring role as the primary care provider for their baby but to Thrive through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. 

~ One person, one voice at a time, over time, is what it takes to shift maternity healthcare system from one that dominates, controls and even interrupts the process to one that supports the normal physiology of pregnancy and birth, allows for individualized care and preferences and celebrates the birth and the coming of a new babe. 

Just as pregnancy and birth are a process, it is a process to change the maternity health care system, but know, that it responds to the demands of individual women and birthing people over time. Come add your voice to the future of maternity care :)

Why join the Thriving through Pregnancy program?

AND...I am so excited to offer this entire program on a sliding scale! Why? Because every single woman or birthing person deserves the information, skills, tools, support and guidance necessary to fully celebrate and engage in growing a healthy baby, transforming into the parent they want to be, and have an empowering and positive experience, regardless of financial resources!

What Exactly do I get when I enroll in Thriving through Pregnancy?

  • A sense of belonging to a community of other pregnant women and people who are committed to a healthy, vibrant experience.
  • 30+ hours of online group prenatal care designed to complement and enhance understanding and applicability of the accompanying education components (outlined below) AND the medical care people are receiving in their home communities.
  • Access to a private facebook group to learn, grow, support and be supported in, and where the weekly Q&A's happen.
  • A deep understanding of the physiological processes unfolding and the steps to support, nurture and enhance your body's ability to have a healthy and vibrant pregnancy, grow and birth a healthy baby and experience a smooth transition into early parenthood. 
  • Continuous compassionate support and expert guidance throughout the experience so you never feel alone or have to go weeks with unanswered questions.
  • Together, we navigate pregnancy discomforts and come up with individualized solutions. 
  • Support and guidance through unexpected developments or unforeseen circumstances. 
  • A 'pregnancy home' to come home to and grow in... deepening your understanding of yourself, the process, the maternity healthcare system and your own becoming into parenthood. 

The Educational Component

  • Relevant portions of the 6 programs (outlined below), released on a weekly and/or monthly basis throughout your pregnancy ~ to keep up with the unique needs of the different stages of pregnancy, preparing for birth and postpartum. 
  • Holistically created, comprehensive content in written, audio and video formats with accompanying actions, downloads, resources, journaling prompts and templates to bring the information to life, in your life, where it can make a positive impact on your pregnancy, birth and transition to parenthood.
  • Based on the Four Pillars of Pregnancy all built on the firm foundation of community and support. 
    • Nutrition
    • Movement
    • Mindset
    • Navigating the maternity healthcare system
  • Two additional educational programs.
    • Preparing for a normal physiologic, labor and vaginal birth (along with adapting to unforeseen circumstances and empowered cesarean)
    • Preparing for a smooth transition into parenthood. Postpartum and Baby Care Basics

To learn more, click on the individual program below...

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Why the Midwife Method? Why a Midwife?

the Midwife Method incorporates the Midwifery model of Care™ into each of its programs creating an opportunity for every woman to experience the powerful aspects of a midwife's continual education, support and guidance throughout the entire experience, no matter who their medical provider is.

The bottom line, we need more midwives, and in the meantime, we offer all the aspects of midwifery care that can be delivered in the online format (which is a ton!!) to fill in the gaps of maternity care and help individuals feel competent, cared for and ready to meet the challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Midwives care for the whole person, not only the physical aspects of the pregnancy, birth and early parenting but the emotional, social and spiritual aspects. We support your journey into parenthood, no matter what that looks like!

Why the Midwifery Model of Care?

It is connective care model and it is through human connections that all else is built upon! It is a balanced, comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare which:

  1. teaches women how to create an optimal gestational environment so their baby can grow to its full genetic potential.
  2. teaches women how to take care of their rapidly changing bodies so that, that body, can support and nurture the baby growing within.
  3. cares for the whole person…the physical, emotional, social and spiritual self because guess what? We are not separate and the physical body is not the only one that needs tending to during the incredibly transformative experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting!
  4. provides continuity of care which allows for trusting relationships to develop, growth and helps ensure key processes for each person are not missed.
  5. foster growth and confidence in your own capabilities and abilities. 
  6. invites you into a shared decision making model and helps you be an active participant in your own care. 

What do we believe in?

  • We believe in the intrinsic ability for each woman or pregnant person to have an uncomplicated and celebratory experience of the entire pregnancy and birth process of becoming a parent!
  • We believe that all women should have access to the care of a midwife and are working toward meeting that need in the online format so that women are well educated, have the support and guidance they need to succeed and learn to have a voice and participate in their own healthcare.


  • We are committed to supporting and enhancing the normal physiologic process and educate you in nutrition, movement, mindset and invite you to be an active participant in your own maternity care by embracing your role and responsibility as being the primary care provider for your baby.
  • We believe in the power of midwifery care to reduce complications  and improve outcomes for both mothers and babies;
    • fewer unnecessary labor and delivery interventions
    • induction of labor
    • labor augmentation
    • instrumental delivery (vacuum and forceps)
    • episiotomies and reduction of more serious tears
    • cesarean birth
    • lower rates of preterm birth
    • higher rates of breastfeeding
    • significantly higher chance of having a physiological normal, vaginal birth
    • increased satisfaction, confidence, and sense of control  accomplishment
    • lower rates of depression and anxiety
  • outcomes are even improved in high risk pregnancies when co-managed by midwives verses only obstetrical management. matter how your pregnancy and birth unfold, we will be here for you, supporting you with relevant information and education, support and guidance as you navigate your own unique experience!

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Why join Thriving through Pregnancy?


Reason #1: You are only pregnant with this babe one time and it goes by fast! ---I teach you exactly how to support your body, mind and spirit so you can have a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth and smooth transition into parenthood.

Reason #2: Because you don't know what you don't know! --- I teach you what to eat and how to incorporate healthy, essential whole foods into your daily routine so your body and your baby have a constant supply of the nutrients they need to build with. Manage stress (which changes your biology), work with your emotions, promote sleep and rest, and how to exercise, move and stretch safely during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. How to create a healing environment post-birth, breastfeed successfully, care for you baby and re-engage in life.

And a 1000 other things you need to know, all laid out in a step by step, action oriented fashion. 

Reason #3: To take control of the power of your mind to create your reality and manifest your dreams! --- I teach you how to shift your belief systems, get clarity on your visions, and build a working plan to achieve them. 

Reason #4: To shift overwhelm and uncertainty into definitive action! --- this is the essence of empowerment. It is a process not a destination and one that with the skills I teach, you can harness in every aspect of your life now and in the future. 

Reason #4: To reclaim your voice and power in your pregnancy and birth so you are not swept away into the system! --- I teach you how to navigate the maternity healthcare system, how to choose your provider and place of birth, develop your birth plan, voice your preferences, be an active participant in your healthcare and engage in informed choice. 

Reason #5: To have the continuous support and guidance necessary to embrace the process and build confidence! --- Together, we create community, a place to belong and transform ourselves as we are transformed through pregnancy and birth in preparation for parenting. 

Reason #6: You deserve to have an empowered experience! --- I teach you the skills necessary to make the choice everyday, to take charge of your own health, the health of your pregnancy and birth and take these lessons on into life.

Reason #7: To have a pregnancy tribe to belong to full of other folks seeking an empowered experience! --- community provides the support and accountability needed to embrace the massive changes pregnancy brings and stay committed to making the daily lifestyle changes that matter most and make a positive impact. 

If you...

  • seek to take an active role in your pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences...then YES! This program is for you :)
  • find yourself searching for more than you are getting from your care provider...then YES! You will find the missing information, support and guidance in this program :)
  • find yourself wondering if your doing things right, want to explore your options, discover informed choice, learn to use your voice, be prepared for your prenatal care, labor and birth and postpartum...then YES! This program is for you :)
  • want to learn how to prevent complications and optimize your baby's development... then YES! This program is for you :)
  • want to deepened into the process of BEING pregnant. I mean, the truly extraordinary process for the body, the mind and the heart that majorly impacts our lives! Then YES!! This program is for you :)

This program is for every woman who wants to make a positive impact in their daily lives, pregnancy, birth, and families. 

We literally provide every possible bit of information complimented by action steps to make a positive impact in your pregnancy and life. The skills gained can then be re-applied to taking care of your growing families as the principles are the same :)

The same formula for a healthy and happy pregnancy apply to a healthy and happy life! 


Enroll by choosing your pay scale today!

Why a Sliding Scale Donation Based Model?


the Midwife Method is fully invested in bringing this program to all people who make the personal commitment to themselves and their babies to Thrive through Pregnancy. This means that we offer our program on a sliding scale in the hopes that those who are financially abundant can pay more and those who have less monetary resources can still take part and benefit from the program. TOGETHER, we bring equity to our collective human experience by exchanging our gifts with one another and making everyone’s pregnancy and birthing experience better. 

The sliding scale is as follows, please choose the level of financial donation that best reflects your financial abilities, keeping in mind that this is a 12 month program and the total cost divided by 12 is your monthly investment :)

People always bring up value and fairness when talking about sliding scale because the thought of paying more or paying less for the exact same program is a foreign one in our capitalistic training. I am inviting you to shift your mindset from an individualistic "best for me" mindset to a collective "best for us" mindset.

I know, it can be challenging, not the mindset of the collective good, we can all get behind that, but the why pay different prices for the same program!? But this is one practical way, we can support ~ collective wellbeing ~ It was challenging for me to not have a set price point where I know the value of my program...but I believe deep in my heart that this is the path forward to creating equity in our world and improving the maternity health care experience for all and so, I take the big leap and invite you to join me!! 

And honestly, I would rather educate, support and guide 10 women who are just as excited about the process as I am rather than work with 1 :) So, let's change the world together!!

I trust that each and every one of you will not only greatly benefit from your participation in Thriving through Pregnancy but will donate with your abundant heart in mind and where you currently sit in your financial capability. 


~Click on the links below, by choosing your pay scale, to be taken to the appropriate check out :) ~


Abundance Scale 

I am 100% percent committed to actively engaging in the program and bringing my BEST self into my pregnancy for myself and for my baby. 

$3,024 ($252/month)

Generous Scale

I am 100% percent committed to actively engaging in the program and bringing my BEST self into my pregnancy for myself and for my baby. 

$2,376 ($198/month)

Full Scale  

I am 100% percent committed to actively engaging in the program and bringing my BEST self into my pregnancy for myself and for my baby. 

$1,835 ($153/month)

Partial Scale  

I trust that my donation will be covered and supplemented by others. I am 100% percent committed to actively engaging in the program and bringing my BEST self into my pregnancy for myself and for my baby. 

$981 ($82/month)

Trust Scale

I trust that my donation will be covered and supplemented by others. I am 100% percent committed to actively engaging in the program and bringing my BEST self into my pregnancy for myself and for my baby.

$333 (28/month)


If you feel like you are unable to make a financial commitment, we could talk about bartering or trade :) 


Please contact [email protected] for more information 

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