About our Team

Meet Avril

Founder, Creatrix and Owner

Avril is a Midwife, Nurse (RN), Birth Emergency Skills Training (B.E.S.T.®) Instructor, Birth Advocate, Preceptor, Mother, Herbalist, Alternative Practitioner, Motorcycle Adventurer and she is the founder, creator and owner of the Midwife Method.

You can learn more about Avril's professional background, her "why" and her approach to birth work and education by clicking below.

About Avril

Avril is the mother of three babies--although as you can see below, they are not really babies anymore--and lives on a small farm in the mountains in western North Carolina. She is pictured here with her motorcycle which she enjoys riding along the curving mountain roads and all across the United States for that matter. 

"Riding a motorcycle, like birthing, requires your full presence and demands your 100% attention. Like birthing, we must make small and sometimes large body-led adjustments and like birthing, trust our intuition."

Meet Saoirse  

Director of Engagement and Community Growth

Saoirse Scott (she/her) is the woman behind the website design, social media and program materials design for the Midwife Method. She takes charge of outreach, networking, finding our people and building community. She is the one in charge of making sure that our partnerships and relationships grow in meaningful ways and she also happens to be the eldest daughter of Avril Bowens.

You read that right, we're a mother-daughter team!

Saoirse graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2019 with a BA in Political Science and Hispanic Linguistics and a Minor in Public Policy. After graduating, she was selected as a Lead for North Carolina Fellow and worked on community and economic development projects in Tier 1 communities in rural eastern North Carolina. 

Saoirse lives in western Oregon and in her free time likes hiking, cooking, working in her garden, making Spotify playlists and starting DIY projects of all kinds that she only sometimes completes. 

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