the Midwife Method

A Midwife's unique, woman-centered model of care delivered online to empower women and midwives to thrive through their pregnancy and profession AND transform the maternity healthcare system into one that promotes safety while celebrating the birth of families. 

the Midwife Method is dedicated to helping women and birthing people successfully and confidently navigate their pregnancies and maternity healthcare system, nourish their bodies, their babies and themselves in order to have the healthiest, happiest and most empowered experience possible.

3 Principles Create the foundation for the Midwife Method

  • Continuous and accessible expert guidance --- so your path ahead is clear
  • holistic and engaging, comprehensive education --- so you are fully prepared
  • loving, compassionate support --- so you can be successful even in something new

Our mission is to educate, guide and support pregnant women and birth professionals with two distinct programs. 'Thriving through Pregnancy' and 'Thriving through Midwifery' in order to collectively create an empowering healthcare system.

They are similar in that they share the same founding principles and general structure but distinct in the information covered and focus as it relates to pregnancy women and birthing people or the healthcare professionals guiding the process. 

Learn more about our 9 month signature program, created specifically for all pregnant and birthing people, and how taking this deep dive into your pregnancy, birth and postpartum can help you actualize the birth and transition into parenthood that you seek.

Thriving through Pregnancy and beyond

Four Pillars

There are Four Pillars that guide the Midwife Method's teachings. These pillars compliment, interact and affirm each other. They are each rooted in the most important components necessary to have a happy, healthy and empowering pregnancy for the parent and baby.

Our Mission 

We work to transform maternity health care in the United States so that all birthing parents have access to woman-centered, empowering, informed and choice based care throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

By promoting optimal birthing practices and educating, guiding and supporting pregnant people with our midwife-led and created signature program, 'Thriving through Pregnancy,' we lead that transformation. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to actualize a midwifery-led maternity healthcare system that truly serves the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women and families by providing access to the Midwifery Model of Care and equal collaboration between midwives and surgeons. A maternity care system focused on affirming and supporting physiological pregnancy and birth by providing women with the tools and environment necessary to achieve it and as a result, reduce interventions, prevent complications and help women and birthing people build the confidence they need to embrace parenthood.

We envision a maternity healthcare system that serves the needs and desires of birthing people by supporting their full autonomy. Women and pregnant people should birthing options in homes, freestanding birth centers and hospitals as well as access to midwifery care that has been fully integrated into the maternity health care system.

Increase access to midwifery care through our online programs while we advocate for the widespread inclusion of midwifery as a maternity care option and recognition of it producing optimal outcomes for birthing parents and babies. 

Raise the standards for out of hospital midwifery care by filling in the gaps in education with our mentoring program, 'Thriving through Midwifery.' Coming soon, the program will be focused on providing the education, support and guidance that students and new midwives need to be safe, competent and effective care providers in their local communities.

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