Optimal Nutrition for a
Healthy Pregnancy and Baby


I'll show you exactly how to eat with purpose, what healthy nutrition is and how to implement it into your life so you can be proactive in preventing pregnancy complications, grow a healthy baby and continue to care for the health of your family!


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Actionable Content

Downloads and worksheets to help you implement what you are learning into your daily life where it matters most. 

Straight forward Information

5-10 minute lessons created in written, audio and/or video formats for ease of digestion and assimilation. 

Facebook Group

I am committed to your success and that means providing support and guidance. Let's grow healthy habits together!

Feeling overwhelmed? Not getting the information you need? 


You're not alone! Most women are given very little information on healthy nutrition from their care providers and are left piecing it together on their own from information as well as misinformation from the internet, friends and family. Most doctors have either no or one semester's worth of training in nutrition yet...it is the most potent medicine for the body! And with an average prenatal lasting only 7-12 minutes, how could they possible find time to educate their patients. 

Yet, nutrition is of vital importance! It literally forms the foundation of form, structure and function of the body. In fact, what you choose to eat during your pregnancy can impact the health and wellbeing of your baby for it's entire lifetime!


➛ Are you motivated to learn but don't know where to start?

➛ Are you hungry for the most crucial information you need to help you have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy ever

➛ Do you want to give your baby the very best start possible? 

➛ Are you looking for a supportive, instructional group to explore nutrition with?

➛ Are you unsure of how to go about eating a more healthy diet and sustaining the changes you make during pregnancy?

➛ Are you interested in not having to wait for your questions to be answered at your next prenatal visit? 

➛ Do you want to hang out with an expert in the field who not only believes in you but can help you believe in yourself?

➛ Are you looking for other pregnant women or people to share your journey with?  


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Ready to take the plunge and dive into the Optimal Pregnancy Nutrition program with our sliding scale?

Grow your Confidence

As you supercharge your pregnancy health with nutritious foods. This is actively parenting during pregnancy.

Feel Empowered

As you take action to make incremental daily changes in your nutrition, which over time add up to big changes!

Thrive through Pregnancy

When we feed our mind and body what they truly need, we feel energized, content, and capable of doing anything!

KNOW that you are positively affecting  the health of your Pregnancy and your Baby!

Imagine the immense feeling of satisfaction gained from taking charge of our own health and the health of your family! You and only you can create an optimal environment for your baby to grow within. You and only you can deeply nourish your body so it can easily adapt to the added demands of pregnancy. Take the leap of faith in yourself and gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed!

Take a peek into what's inside the Optimal Nutrition Program

We've got you covered with everything you need to take charge of your pregnancy birth and transition into parenthood

Comprehensive, yet simple action oriented nutrition for holistic minded woman and birthing people who want to stop feeling overwhelmed or confused, start feeling on top of things and confident in order to have the healthiest pregnancy possible

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Greetings! I'm Avril :)

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Nurse (RN), Birth Emergency Skills Training® (B.E.S.T.) Instructor, Birth Advocate, Preceptor, Mother, Herbalist, Alternative Practitioner, Motorcycle Adventurer and I am the founder, creator and owner of the Midwife Method and its programs.  

I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to providing women and birthing people with the most optimal care model possible that not only keeps themselves and their babies safe throughout the entire process but happy, empowered, joyful and thriving. 

I have worked with families as a midwife since 2003 and as a doula, educator and midwifery student since 1998. I have a balanced approach to education and care combining my extensive love for science and medical training with my equal commitment to all things natural and alternative therapies. 

I'm delighted you found me and are considering joining me on the most incredible journey of your lifetime!


Not going to mislead you!


There is actually so much to learn and understand during pregnancy but we make that learning fun, applicable, accessible and usable AND we are there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Our goal is not to just tell you stuff, but show you how to implement what is learned in daily life where it will actually make a positive impact. Everyday, support is provided, questions answered, topics explored and discussed in our private facebook community and during our live calls. Although participants work through the program from their home communities, they are never alone. 

Knowledge is essential. It fuels understanding and awareness and provides a clear direction for action. Knowledge expands the ability to choose and choice is essential to an empowering pregnancy and birth. The more that is learned about a new or unknown experience, the more confidence gained and with each action taken toward growing a healthy baby and having a healthy pregnancy, one steps deeper into their new identity - mother or parent.

~ Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby ~

Learn how to prevent complications and maximize your baby's development with this comprehensive and action based pregnancy nutritional program. 

Snag the program today at a discounted price today!

You have lifetime access to...

  • Your Optimal Nutrition Educational Program so that you can return to the information and continue to learn and grow
    • Foundations of nutrition, macro/micro nutrients, key pregnancy nutrition needs and tips, how a healthy diet affects you and how it impacts the lifelong health of your developing baby
    • Supplementation options, recipes, and how to incorporate healthy eating options into you life
    • Nutritional herbs, superfoods and strategies to ramp up the essential nutrients needed to support pregnancy
  • Your food diary review with individualized suggestions and nutrition plans, co-created together just for you
  • Thriving through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond facebook group
  • Modify and utilize the same nutritional principles to raise healthy children :)

I hope you choose to join me in this important class and am always honored to be a part of your pregnancy journey :) 

Holistic | Comprehensive | Accurate | Supportive


👉 We take helping pregnant women and people take control of their pregnancy health and birthing  experiences seriously by encouraging folks to confidently take daily action to help grow the healthiest little humans possible! In this transformational process, we teach women how to prevent complications with whole and real foods and navigate their own pregnancies with ease and confidence. 

🦋 It is not just an online program...you get continuous access to your very own virtual midwife consultant and can rely on that consistency throughout your pregnancy. 

Comprehensive Education

8 modules of action oriented learning plus the bonus module!

We begin with fundamental nutritional principles, cover the nuts and bolts of healthy nutrition and then move into more complex topics including preventing gestational diabetes. 

The many handouts and templates provided in this program help the participant implement the learning.

Creating the best possible environment for baby to develop within and have a healthy pregnancy are the goals right??

Although we touch on multiple ways to do this in the Thriving through Pregnancy Fundamentals module, in this program, the focus is on using whole foods to achieve this end. 

Supportive Community

A consistent, supportive community is something we all need. In fact, it is a requirement for individuals and communities alike to flourish.

Pregnancy and birth are times of rapid change and full of the 'unknown' which can result in fear based decision making.

With this vital program support system, we provide a pregnancy home for all Thriving through Pregnancy members.

One where each voice and concern is heard and addressed and each individual is seen, heard and supported by other members. 

This will be invaluable in creating sustainable nutritional practices that work for each individual and family. 

Expert Guidance

Everyone needs continuous guidance and encouragement when embarking into the unknown.

Access to a birth professional who cares deeply and who is there for you throughout the entirety of your experience :)

With the weekly Q&A's and the Deepening into Pregnancy Prenatal groups, we offer participants a way to interact in a meaningful and consistent manner with midwives. 

* This is not to replace your medical care, rather it's to complement that care *

Questions can be answered in real time, positive coaching and encouragement to help you stay on track and meet your goals and grow into the parent you see yourself being. 

So Excited! Ready to Enroll with Sliding Scale!

Why a sliding scale?

I'm committed to sharing my expertise and knowledge with all people who make the personal commitment to themselves and their babies to Thrive through Pregnancy.

➙  That's why all my programs are offered on a sliding scale in the hopes that those who are financially abundant can pay more and those who have less monetary resources can still take part and benefit from the program. TOGETHER, we bring equity to our collective human experience by exchanging our gifts with one another and making everyone’s pregnancy and birthing experience better.

➙  AND, if you are on this page, that means you are getting an additional $100 off each price point! This is a limited time offer so please do yourself and your baby a big favor and take advantage of it today!  


YES, everyone get's the same program and the same benefits. Nothing more and nothing less.

➙  People always bring up value and fairness when talking about sliding scale because the thought of paying more or paying less for the exact same program is a foreign one in our capitalistic training. I am inviting you to shift your mindset from an individualistic "best for me" mindset to a collective "best for us" mindset.

➙ I know, it can be challenging (not the mindset of the collective good, we can all get behind that), but the why pay different prices for the same program!? Because, it is one practical way, we can support ~ collective wellbeing ~


It was challenging for me too, to not have a set price point that truly attaches 'value' to my program...but in reality, the value is in what each individual does with the information, support and guidance offered in the program.

 I believe, deep in my heart, that implementing a sliding scale is one of many ways forward to creating equity in our world and improving the maternity health care experience for all and so, I take the big leap and invite you to join me!! 

➙ And honestly, I would rather educate, support and guide 10 women who are just as excited about the process as I am rather than work with 1 :) . I also understand, that for many, financial resources are limited in preparation for a maybe and I do not want access to our transformative programs to be equally limited. So, let's change the world together!!

I know that each and every one of you will greatly benefit from your participation in Thriving through Pregnancy!

So...go ahead and select from the price point below that best represents your financial ability knowing that all these price points, include a $100 savings, just because you are on this page!

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