Discover How to Prevent Pregnancy Complications and Maximize Baby's Development

(that won't be taught at prenatal visits) and can be done without confusion, stress or conflict while enjoying fabulous foods! 

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Greetings! I'm Avril!

Founder of the Midwife Method and creator of the Thriving through Pregnancy programs. I am devoted to helping people take charge of their own and family’s health, prevent problems and live vibrant, satisfying lives.

Believe it or not, this process starts right in utero thus providing women and pregnant people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need, is the most effective way to build healthy communities. One babe and one pregnant woman or person at a time!

And the best part is? Getting to watch pregnant women believe in themselves and apply the same principles learned with me to continue growing strong, healthy and confident families!

Oh, and I'm also a midwife and nurse with 20+ years of experience, passion and love for empowering women and birthing folks :)

I have practiced the concepts I teach for my whole life and feel blessed to have an incredibly healthy, resilient body and mind and three fabulous, healthy, whole and amazing children!

Nutrition truly IS fundamentally essential to grow healthy and vibrant! 

A Concise yet Detailed, Straight forward Guide

Learn the active steps in growing a healthy baby and enjoying a healthy pregnancy with whole / real foods.

Nutrition is quite literally the foundation of health and this foundation is built during pregnancy. Decisions made today, not only have the power to impact baby's development during pregnancy but it's future health as well! 

Use these 5 simple yet powerful strategies to begin (right now) making daily improvements that add up to massive impacts over time. 

A LOT can be accomplished in just 9 months to get set up for lifelong health! But there is no time to delay :)

So take this guide, put it to work, reach out for support and have a happy and healthy pregnancy! 

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