Thriving through Pregnancy Mentoring Program

60-90 minute group meetings held twice monthly on a whole lot more! 

*You're invited to experience pregnancy on a whole new level!

Discover not only how to have a healthy pregnancy and baby but to truly embrace and thrive throughout the journey. 

Create your vision and learn everything you need to know to actualize it while developing the skills to surrender to the process!

Let's make the next 12 months count!

These groups are designed to be a 'living workshop' which means that they respond and adapt to the unique needs of the group. Yes, they have structure, yes, program content will be reviewed as needed but also, topics of expansion will include whatever comes up as a result of sharing. 

~ Trust in yourself ~

~ Trust in your body ~`

~ Trust in your baby ~

You've got this one unique pregnancy and it goes by fast! So make a decision today and take action! The group process not only brings the information you are learning alive in your life but allows you time to explore the immensity of change pregnancy brings and in that exploration, insights emerge and transformation occurs.

OK, So this is what you'll get: 

  • Midwife-led pregnancy group meetings held on zoom. That means, twice a month you have access to all the knowledge and experience of a midwife who is 100% invested in your success!
  • Professional support and guidance. I don't just mean 'your doing a great job', I mean answers to your questions, guidance on whatever topic is alive in you and practical support on making the changes you desire in pregnancy and life. 
  • Telegram group with the other participants in your small group. This is how to keep your connection and the conversations alive between meetings. Also where you will receive reminders for the call. 
  • Powerful explorations and presentations either chosen by the group (ideal) or chosen by the facilitator.
  • Peer support, sharing and the development of meaningful, lifelong friendships.
  • Solution oriented problem solving in the group format. Gain insight from and provide insight to - other participants as we work together to find solutions.
  • Lessons on demand based on the needs of the group. Lessons on content that is current and relevant to participants released on a bi-weekly basis (at minimum).
  • Build your communication skills. Communication and connection is everything and we build both in these meetings.
  • Continuity of Care...spend your entire pregnancy and postpartum being educated, supported and guided by the same professional who understands and gets to know what your unique strengths and weakness are. 
  • A place to be heard and to listen. We explore all the aspects of being pregnant. All the emotions and experiences are welcome along with the growing pains. The truth is, pregnancy is glorious and it is also incredibly disruptive. We talk about it all and help one another navigate the entirety of this process. The changes within self, between you and your partner, your family, friends, your work, your own mission, your fears, your inner parent, your finances, your challenges. We uncover all of it and work out the kinks in a way that makes for a smoother pathway ahead.
  • Individualized guidance and accountability. Together we will keep each other on track!
  • Bonus audio recordings sent to your inbox for inspiration, motivation and information. 
  • Only you can choose to provide the best environment possible for your babe to grow in but together, we help each other make healthy choices for the body, mind, emotions and spirit, the ones that will make a positive impact on your baby's entire life!

With this purchase, I am making a conscious commitment to myself, my baby, and my community to actively participate in my pregnancy and have the healthiest, happiest and most empowering pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood possible!

$97 / month but the value of a Pregnancy Mentoring Process is Priceless!

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