Birth Yourself into BEING!

Embark on a Collective Journey back to Self

Imagine the most beautiful, strong, vast, precise, safe, loving, open yet sheltered and supportive vessel lies before you.

You don't yet know the destination, but your heart led you into making sure you secured a ticket because you just knew that where ever this vessel was going, you HAD to be aboard.

And so with great courage, commitment, and an open heart, you step into the vessel, the container that will hold you as you weave a cocoon around yourself and take a deep dive within, with love and curiosity, openness and knowingness. 

And now, it is time to let go of the shore, set sail and TRUST in LOVE and TRUST in YOURSELF and know that you will be held through the journey. 

Together, we will take the most profound journey back to SELF, back to SOURCE to return firmly to your own determined Sovereign Self.

It is the beautiful combination of a soul's-sole- sojourn that only you and yourself can make AND at the same time - a journey that is shared, supported, illuminated, and exponentially elevated by the living workshop we co-create together. 

The Structure of the Container is as follows:

13 months and 13 Themes

  • Each month is released in on online portal and this is where you will find the supporting lessons, books, short yoga flows, guided meditations, flower essences, supporting herbs at times and when needed, additional resources and occasional guest - all focused on the month’s theme. 
    • 3 connection calls a month (in zoom) to explore the themes, lessons and share our experiences so we all benefit from one another's individual journey.
    • 1 monthly ceremony (in zoom) related to the month’s theme designed to anchor it into our hearts, minds and bodies. 
    • Daily Group Chat on Telegram (phone app) to help keep us in tune with one another and the process. This is a place to share insights, inspiration, motivation, growth edges and life in general. It will kind of act like the grand central station for open communication within the group process. 
      • This will act as the Central Hub, the Loom, if you will where we will stay connected in between our calls. 
      • It is an easy way to share the process daily with one another and deepen or awareness, understanding and connection throughout the week. Supporting one another as we grow. 
      • We can easily create short text, audio or voice messages and send pictures. 
      • It is where I will drop our weekly or daily, theme related, reflective journaling questions and experiences. 
  • Each month offers consistent ways in which we will engage with the work individually including:
    • AM Activation: a short guided imagery to get you in alignment with the theme
    • PM Wind Down: a short guided imagery to help you reflect and relax
    • A book to read and review: I find it so helpful to read and reflect on books together. These are carefully chosen to help us dive deeper into the monthly tools
    • Key Lessons and Exercises: These lessons will help us focus on the theme of the month and the practical exercises to engage with, to deepen your relationship with yourself.
    • Short Yoga Routines: these yoga routines are intended to be practiced daily to embody (bring the work into the body, to integrate, to move into it and take it all in) the monthly themes.
    • A flower essence that supports the theme of the month. Flower essences are powerful ways to work with the energies and it's all energy just bouncing around and wanting expression. Throughout the program, we will be learning to guide our energy into the form and function of our body's and life.
    • Reflective Journaling Prompts:  journaling allows us to access parts of ourselves that may be hidden from our conscious view. 
  • Final Marriage Ceremony Retreat at the end of the 13th month - somewhere fabulous where we can celebrate emerging from the cocoon and take (or renew) our sacred marriage vows with ourselves. 

13 Months - 13 Themes fully explored and embodied through the lunar year. 

With this GIFT, I am making a conscious commitment to myself ~ with myself ~ for myself to open up and excavate the beautiful vast landscape of my soul-self-companion and life. 

I am committing to creating the time and space for me to settle in, to a new rhythm, which includes ME :)

$1,440.00 USD

Links can be found at the bottom of this page :)

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