Empowered Pregnancy and Birth

Ready to dive in and step into your Power? Discover what that looks like as you prepare for a physiological birth. This course guides you through the whole process with a special bonus of recorded interviews with experts in the field to enhance your learning. 

This Incredible program includes:

  • 16 hours of recorded interviews from the Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Summit 2022!
  • 8 modules of learning to walk you through the key steps to an empowered process and deepen your understanding and preparation for a smooth birth.
    • The Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Blueprint ~ a walk through the empowered process
    • Choices in Pregnancy and Birth ~ midwives, doctors, the maternity healthcare system and informed consent
    • How our Beliefs inform our Pregnancy and Birth ~ how to explore, let go of, reframe, accept, embrace and affirm the ones that most support you in your vision
    • Breath as a Pathway to Presence of Body and Mind ~ breath awareness and practices to reduce stress, manage emotions, embody the moment, improve sleep and prepare for birth
    • Pivotal Decision Points and Communication Techniques ~ key decisions, communication and maintaining your power
    • Movement and Optimal Fetal Positioning ~ to help you stay more comfortable in pregnancy, ease into your body and have a smooth birthing
    • Sinking into Labor and Harnessing your Oxytocin ~ learn how to activate your oxytocin and strategies for labor including positions
    • Transitioning into the Immediate Postpartum ~ overview of what to expect with your body and your newly born babe and how to support the initial healing and adjustment processes
    • Preparing for a Supported Postpartum ~ tips on building community to help support you in the postpartum so you can rest and sink into adjusting to life with a brand new family member
  • Weekly zoom calls to support you in the process. A time to take a deeper dive, in a group format, of the topics presented.
  • Reduced price for Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

**Why is all of this value, delivered to you by a midwife with 20+ years in service to families, offered so cheaply?

👉🏽 Because I believe that the education, care, support, expertise and guidance of a midwife should be available to all people and I am on a mission to make this a reality!

This is really going to be a fabulous program experience with so much material and presence!

I can't wait to take a deeper dive with you ❤️ 


$267.00 USD

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