Empowered Pregnancy and Birth

Ready to tune in and step into your Power?

Discover what that looks like as you prepare for a physiological birth. This course guides you through the whole process with a special bonus of recorded interviews with experts in the field to enhance your learning. 

We, as birthing women and people, are so astonishingly powerful. We have so much more capacity than we realize. It is my deepest desire, to help you uncover your own greatness! This is so much more than your average childbirth prep class :)

Currently offering the class in once weekly zoom calls with supporting online modules.

This Incredible program includes:

  • 16 hours of recorded interviews from the Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Summit 2022!
  • 8 modules of learning to walk you through the key steps to an empowered process and deepen your understanding and preparation for a smooth birth.
    • The Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Blueprint ~ a walk through the empowered process. It's all about the journey, not the destination :) it's about uncovering who you are and harnessing the courage to step into your power!
    • Choices in Pregnancy and Birth ~ midwives, doctors, the maternity healthcare system and informed consent
    • How Beliefs inform our Bodies and Minds ~  explore, let go of, reframe, accept, embrace and affirm the beliefs that most support you in your vision. The power of affirmations and learning to ride the waves of emotions
    • Reclaiming your Birthing Self ~ this module takes us on a deep dive into the self. All the selves, to bring them into the whole where each is honored, respected, heard, loved and claimed as SELF 
    • Breath as a Pathway to Presence of Body and Mind ~ breath awareness and practices to reduce stress, manage emotions, embody the moment, improve sleep and prepare for birth. The role of the nervous system, how it connects the external and internal and how to navigate it
    • The last 2 months of pregnancy ~ what to expect, priming your body for birth, fetal kick counts, strategies to reduce tearing, herbal allies and what to have on hand for labor and birth. Also, movement to help you stay more comfortable, flexible and prepared for the work of labor, encouraging your babe into an optimal position (it truly makes such a difference), and ease your body into a smooth birthing process
    • Sinking into Labor and Harnessing your Oxytocin ~ learn how to activate your oxytocin, coping strategies to transform your experience, labor and birth positions and tuning into comfort and pleasure 
    • Smooth transitions into the Postpartum ~ overview of what to expect with your body and your newly born babe, breastfeeding and how to support the initial healing and adjustment processes along with integrating your birth experience
    • The 4th Trimester ~ caring for your newborn, optimizing neurodevelopment, soothing strategies, elimination communication and more! 
    • Bonus: Pivotal Decision Points and Communication Techniques ~ key decisions, transitioning to the hospital communication and maintaining your power
  • Weekly zoom calls to support you in the process. A time to take a deeper dive, in a group format, of the topics presented.
  • 10+ Guided Meditations and Affirmation recordings
  • Reduced price for Core and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

**Why is all of this value, delivered to you by a midwife, nurse and B.E.S.T. instructor with 20+ years in service to families, offered so cheaply?

👉🏽 Because I believe that the education, care, support, expertise and guidance of a midwife should be available to all people and I am on a mission to make this a reality!

This is really going to be a fabulous program experience with so much material and presence!

I can't wait to take a deeper dive with you ❤️ 


$367.00 USD

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