Thriving through Pregnancy,

Birth and Beyond


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We empower women with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to grow a healthy baby, prevent pregnancy complications, navigate the maternity healthcare system and Thrive through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond!

With our 12 month immersive experience, you will begin to understand the power of true continuity of care with an intimate expert team of midwives and a group of other pregnant people sharing in the experience.

You will develop trust in the process, in yourself, in your baby and with your professional maternity care team. With our Midwife-led, woman-person-centered, comprehensive and holistic online program designed to enrich, compliment and complete the medical healthcare you receive in your home community, you will no longer be left wondering if your 'doing everything right', second guessing yourself or feeling overwhelmed with the process and instead feel in- control, confident and vibrant.  

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A supportive and Active Learning Program

We don't just educate, support and guide pregnant women and people from early pregnancy into the 4th trimester (3 months postpartum), we inspire transformation and ignite a woman's inner spark to take charge of the experience! We facilitate massive self-growth through pregnancy and birth so women and birthing people feel empowered to step into their new role as a parent. 

Thriving through Pregnancy is designed to be a 9 month long program (but women may join at anytime during their pregnancy). It is divided into three sections; pregnancy, birth and postpartum and is a one stop shop for everything you need to know along with the guidance and support required to actualize your vision!

It begins with a walk through of foundational concepts that must be understood for maximum growth and then the rest of the program opens up. This ensures that participants gain access to the information they need when they need it! 

Because we want to empower you with real and practical tools to take the information provided to the next level, the program is full of small action tasks that stack overtime. This process allows for massive positive impact with minimal effort.


The four moving parts of Thriving through Pregnancy

Online Learning ~ Live Weekly Q&A Groups ~ Private Supportive Facebook Community ~ Postpartum Calls ~

Program Structure 

The entire Thriving through Pregnancy program has 28 modules of learning presented in short audio or video formats so you can easily listen on the go with the option to repeat as often as you like.

Lessons are combined with powerful actions to bring the knowledge to life. We have carefully developed a program to make a positive impact on your health and wellbeing as well as that of your baby so you can gain a deeper understanding of your pregnancy, how it's impacting you and your baby and how you can guide that impact.

This is a DOING program, it is not a passive, sit back and be told what to do program. In fact, that is part of what we teach people not to do! We provide the options, information, encouragement, support, and the tools and you bring your whole self into the embracing your pregnancy, brith and beyond. 


Support and Guidance

With weekly Q&As and a private Facebook group, we make sure that your questions are answered and you receive the support you need to succeed. As a group, we trouble shoot solutions to problems as they arise, develop community and a deeper level of understanding. This is not a solo journey, active discussions allow for a fully immersive and communal pregnancy experience.

We teach you how to take care of your body and your baby, navigate the maternity healthcare system and cultivate a positive pregnancy mindset while assuming your rightful place in taking charge of your own experience.  


Continues on into the postpartum

Because we recognize that transitioning into parenthood comes with its challenges, the program nor it's support stops at birth! We encourage continuing to participate with babe in arms or at the breast. 

Early parenting can be overwhelming and we check in with you and your baby for the first 2 weeks via 1:1 personal phone or zoom calls. This point of contact with a birth professional reduces anxiety, prevents postpartum depression and provides you with clear direction.

PLUS! You'll get FREE access to our ever growing library of 'staying comfortable in pregnancy' guides. These guides are full of practical, helpful techniques to stay comfortable in pregnancy by finding relief to common pregnancy complaints. 

Online Learning ~ the Four Pillars of Pregnancy

I created the four pillars of pregnancy which form the foundation of the program and are based on the areas of critical learning observed through 18 years of clinical practice. Mastering the four pillars provides women with a clear path to an empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum which is the grand purpose of Thriving through Pregnancy

They are all of equal importance, all must be explored, and together provide the structure needed to guide you into actualizing your own personal vision for your pregnancy and birth experiences. 

Pillar 1

Navigating the Maternity Healthcare System

In this pillar, we review all the essentials needed to successfully navigate the somewhat intimidating maternity health care system. 

Lessons begin with the learning the 6-Step method to an empowered pregnancy. Next we review models of care, pregnancy and birth choices, how to choose a provider, research hospitals, and build your care team. We dive into evidence based practice, informed consent and how to make healthcare decisions.

We prepare you for your prenatal and birth care by walking you through common tests and procedures so that you are never caught off guard. In addition, we talk about how to maintain power and autonomy in a system developed to do the opposite.

Finally we teach you how to be your own best advocate starting during pregnancy when you create a partnership of care with your medical provider. 

Pillar 2

Cultivating a Positive Pregnancy Mindset

In this pillar, we take an experiential approach to cultivating and maintaining a positive pregnancy mindset. The practice of cultivating a positive mindset reconnects you with yourself and subsequently those around you and your life!

Lessons build on one another, adding small incremental changes to daily living which add up to massive transformation. This pillar is essential because everything starts with the mind and when you learn to work with and take charge of your mind, you gain an ownership over your pregnancy and life. 

The skills learned in this pillar will help you clarify and create your pregnancy, birth and postpartum visions while providing you with the personal resources to achieve it.

Breath work, language and belief, affirmations, acceptance and gratitude, meditations, guided imageries, reframing, setting boundaries, and so much more are provided to help you reduce anxiety, stay positive and move into balance. Effectively, coming home to yourself. 

Pillar 3  

Taking Care of your Body and your Baby

In this pillar, we take a deep dive into learning exactly how to take care of yourself and your baby.

Lessons here include an in depth review of optimal nutrition along with personalized review of diet diaries and goal plans. We learn about herbs and supplements  (including recipes)and sneaky ways to increase calcium, protein and iron in the diet. 

Next we move into movement and optimal fetal positioning for a smooth birth. Special focus is given on core and pelvic floor strengthening and rehabilitation in the postpartum. We explore changes in sexuality during pregnancy and in the postpartum. 

Finally, we learn specifics about preventing complications, stabilizing blood sugar levels and staying comfortable in pregnancy. 

Pillar 4

Creating a Supportive Community

Support and community are so essential for parenting and good support prevents depression, burnout, and helps make the experience a great one! When we feel supported, we have room to thrive. Support and community are what holds us and allows us to have the freedom to live. They are the gifts we mutually and collectively share with others. 

We directly provide participants with community through our private facebook group, but also with our live Q&A calls. These Q&A calls are designed to deliver more personalized attention, provide the opportunity develop relationships with other participants and engage with the material. 

Journaling reflective questions are introduced to the group on a weekly basis and by sharing and supporting others, we gain community. Also, resources are provide and tips and tricks to build your community at home. 

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Thriving through Pregnancy will clearly navigate you through what can often be an overwhelming and confusing time. With the dramatic and rapid changes pregnancy and birthing bring, we provide you with everything you need to succeed all within a well thought out program, in one convenient place, accessible from anywhere, that can become your pregnancy home away from home. 

As experts in the field, we anticipate the needs of birthing parents and understand the complexities of feelings and physical awareness that may be present for you during pregnancy.

We 'get' pregnancy, birth and postpartum! We understand this through our own experiences and from guiding hundreds of women through this rite of passage (whether it is seen like this or not), that is exactly what it is. 

We've got your back, every step of the way, providing the tools, knowledge, conversations and answers you need to succeed while keeping you inspired, engaged and supported throughout. 

Together, these components equip birthing parents with the essential knowledge, tools and confidence they need to take charge of the process and have a healthy pregnancy, an empowering birth and a successful transition into parenthood. 

And beyond this, the skills you gain and tools you master carry into the rest of your life and help you nourish your family, reach your goals and attain your FULL POTENTIAL!

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Are you asking yourself these questions right now? If so, we have the answers!  

  • Are you ready to learn the information you need, gain the skills required, engage in, take an active role in your own pregnancy, birth and postpartum and have the empowered experience that you deserve?

  • Are you ready to get started and take back the control over your own experience?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the information coming your way and don't know where to turn for complete yet concise guidance?

  • Do you want a natural, physiological birth but don't know where to start?
  • Do you want to grow into your full potential?
  • Do you want to master the skills and tools you need to continue to nourish your family and flourish into your highest expression of yourself?
  • Have you been feeling discouraged by your care provider? If so, know you are not alone, about 1/3 of all women in the United States feel traumatized by the maternity care they receive. Shocking but true, we provide you with the knowledge , skills, tools and support you need too avoid this situation.
  • Do you want to be your baby's primary care provider but don't have the knowledge, skills or tools you need to make this happen?
  • Do you want to learn the 6-Steps to an empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum and how to apply them?
  • Do you seek a community or a group of like minded people to share your experience with?
  • Do you know your rights as a patient/client and how to assure that those rights are being met?
  • Are you aware of the scope of your choices in healthcare?
  • Have you harnessed the power of a positive pregnancy mindset and put it to productive use?
  • Do you feel deep inside that pregnancy is a catalyst for growth, intentionally designed this way to prepare women and pregnant people for parenthood? 
  • Do you want to learn how to stimulate that growth tha the medicalized version of childbirth actually negates and denies?
  • Do you want to learn techniques to help you sleep? To reduce anxiety? To improve your digestive, stay comfortable through the changes that pregnancy brings and prevent complications?
  • Do you feel like your values and preferences are being disregarded by your care provider and want to learn techniques to help equalized the power.
  • Do you want to learn what evidence based practice and informed choice are and how to demand there inclusion in your  care?
  • Oh my goodness there is so much to learn! Are you hungry to know it all?
Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime?

Finally, we provide a consistent 'pregnancy home'

And what I mean by 'consistent' is the continuity of care that is often lacking in the healthcare system. Continuous care through the prenatal and postpartum periods are an integral part of achieving optimal outcomes. 

We will be here for you when you need us. You can count on us to fill in the gaps of care that you've been missing without you having to change your maternity healthcare provider.

And if changing your healthcare provider is exactly what you need to best support you and your baby, we will absolutely support and guide you through doing that. 

You are worth it! Your baby is worth it! You only get to do this pregnancy and birth thing a few times in your life, ensuring you are well prepared to have the best experience possible is important! 

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