Northeastern US Birth Workers

Midwives, Doulas, Birth Centers and other Birth Worker Resources in the northeastern region of the US!

Birth Workers

This is an ever growing and transforming list of birth workers providing services across the northeastern region of the US. 

If you're a birth worker and want to be on the list, or know of others that may be interested, please fill out our Birth Worker Form below. 

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Rose and Oak Midwifery 

Midcoast Maine


Madrona Wienges, CPM, has supported families through birth and the childbearing cycle for over twenty years. 

She opened Rose & Oak Midwifery in 2020 to share her passion for individualized holistic care in the wonderful community of Midcoast Maine. Rose & Oak strives to provide inclusive, sensitive, holistic, community & evidence based care.

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Joyful Homebirth

Connecticut, Western Massachusetts 


Carolyn Greenfield, BA, CPM, provides homebirth care to families and offers free consults!

Carolyn has attended well over 90 out of hospital births and has been working in the birth community for 11 years. It's her passion to provide affirming midwifery care to mothers in the comfort of their homes. 

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